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JRS Pharma’s "PROSOLV® EASYtab" - exciting All-in-One, High Functionality, Excipient Composite


JRS Pharma to introduce its newest product derived from PROSOLV® Technology

AEROSIL® R 972 Pharma
Evonik Degussa Corp. introduces the first compendial grade hydrophobic colloidal silica


AEROSIL® R 972 Pharma is a colloidal silicon dioxide that has been chemically treated to render its surface hydrophobic.  AEROSIL® R 972 Pharma is an excellent glidant for improving the powder flow of hygroscopic and/or cohesive powders.

Evonik’s newest pharmaceutical grade product, hydrophobic AEROSIL® R 972 Pharma has several advantages over traditional hydrophilic colloidal silicas:

  • Less self-agglomeration
  • Less sieve residue
  • Easier mix-in, preferable for very low shear mixing
  • Better powder flow (formulation dependent)
  • Excellent choice for hygroscopic botanical ingredients

AEROSIL® R 972 Pharma is tested and specified to the USP/NF and Ph. Eur. monographs.

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