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JRS Pharma’s "PROSOLV® EASYtab" - exciting All-in-One, High Functionality, Excipient Composite


JRS Pharma to introduce its newest product derived from PROSOLV® Technology

Founded in 1977, Markan Global Enterprises is a family owned business that supplies the Pharmaceutical, Generic/OTC and Nutraceutical industries with high quality excipients, botanical extracts and nutraceutical ingredients. Markan Global proudly represents the products of JRS Pharma.

We provide not only the highest quality products but also technical support and formulation development for all of our ingredients. Our in-house expertise on the use and application of our products is complemented by the technical excellence of the scientists at JRS Pharma. Our customers automatically get access to the decades of scientific and technical experience of our principals.

JRS Pharma all has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and are dedicated to providing products that exceed industry standards.

In order to provide timely service to our customers we maintain inventory at FDA approved warehouses in California and New Jersey.